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MSSQL 2016: Monitoring failed

I ran into this error when using SCOM 2012 R2 for monitoring SQL 2016 and didn’t find any good solution fast on google so i decided to create one myself when i found the solution.

The error message SCOM gave me was.

After som research if found out that the run as account the agent was using tried to use c:\windows\temp to save files and it does not have access to that folder. After i gave permission to c:\windows\temp to the run as account the alert went away.

Failover Cluster SQL installation – Cluster service verification failed

If you are installing a SQL-failover cluster and you recive the error Cluster Service Verification failed. The most likely cause is that you have not installed the feature Failover Cluster Automation feature.

Error message



Install the feature Failover Cluster Automation Server feature from the server manager. Now it should pass the test.