Get a grip on updated SR/IR by End-users in Service Manager


As many of you that are using Service Manager are aware on is that it’s not that easy to view if an item is updated by an end-user from the Exchange Connector for example.

There is a few ways to get a grip on this situation. I know that some people are using SCSM Workflows to do this but i think it’s more easy to do with orchestrator and you can do more things with Orchestrator. So if you have it in place why not use it?

First we have to extend the SR and Incident class with new boolean. Lets use UpdatedByEndUserStatus as an example. Set the value to default false.

The point of this extension is that when a end-user comment is added we are going to change the value on UpdatedByEndUserStatus to true and have a view that lists only SR and IR with that status.

And when an analyst adds a comment to the log we remove this flag automatic with orchestrator. So if we are using for example Cireson Portal we can have a conversation in the console.

I send a email to the user. Waits for the respons and when the respons are here we can see the case in the view. When i send another respons the case is removed from the view. So only when it’s visible on the view we have something new in the case.

Extending the Class

I am not going to tell how to extend the SR class. There are plenty of blogs that will provied this information. Here are a few blogs on extending classes in SCSM.

Setting up the Orchestrator Runbook(s)

We have to create 2 runbooks. One for analyst and one for End-user updates. We are going to change the values on the extended attribut we created when we extended the class.



We need to monitor the class Trouble Ticket Analyst comments. When an analyst enters a comment to a SR or IR it is in this class it is saved.

runbook_monitor_analyst_monitorNext step is to get the relationship to what SR or IR we want. In this example i am only doing it for SR.


After we have the relationship we have to fetch the SR we want to update with correct status.

Now when we have the SR we can update the status on the property we added when we extended the class. In this picture i don’t have a boolean value i am using a list instead. If you are using a boolean just set it too false instead. runbook_monitor_analyst_updatesr


Now we have to create the same runbook again but now we should monitor the class Trouble Ticket User Comments Make sure to change the last step also set the boolean value to true.

Create a view

When this is done we can now create a view that have UpdatedByEndUser = true or whatever you have configured your settings as. And now we have a nice view that lists updated cases.

viewWhen an analyst see this item and goes into it and send out a email using Cireson portal, or the someone of the other 3rd party send email apps out there. This work item will vanish from this view as there are nothing to see until a user answer the email and then the item is back on the view.

Hope this can help some people out there. It’s not a fancy way to do it but it gets the job done without spending much time to configure it.


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