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Service Manager 2012 SP1 to R2 upgrade broke data warehouse

I upgraded our SP1 enviroment to R2 and later noticed that a few of the Load ETL jobs was in failed state. After checking the Data warehouse management servers event log i noticed it complained about primary keys was missing.

After some search on google i found out on Microsoft’s page a fix for the problem. Se for more information. To fix the problem run the SQL query below on your data warehouse databases ( DW Repository, DW DataMart, CM DataMart, and OM DataMart)


Failover Cluster SQL installation – Cluster service verification failed

If you are installing a SQL-failover cluster and you recive the error Cluster Service Verification failed. The most likely cause is that you have not installed the feature Failover Cluster Automation feature.

Error message



Install the feature Failover Cluster Automation Server feature from the server manager. Now it should pass the test.