Monthly Archives: October 2011

Mount SMB share in Linux

This is a small howto on how you can mount a SMB share to a Ubuntu Linux folder.

Step 1 – Install smbfs

Step 2 – Mount the share

Home folders Active Directory

This small guide will help you create home folders in a active directory environment.

1. Create your network share

Create a network share somewhere that your users can reach the share.

2. Apply permissions on the share

On the permission settings on the share add Authenticated user, Everyone and SYSTEM and allow all three full control.

3. Security permissions

Now go to the security tab and go into advanced mode. Remove all potential groups that are already there and add the following.

System: full control

Creator Owner: full control

Administrators: full control

To the user group authenticated user only add what is shown in the picture below. And remember it should only apply to “This folder only”

4. Create the home folder

Now go into active directory users and computers and the profile page and connect the home folder using \\path-to-share\share\%USERNAME% and now the home folder should be created by itself.