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Common Gentoo Linux tips

Here is a few tips for Gentoo linux

List emerged packages

This can be done by install the package gentoolkit

When it is installed you can use the program equery to list all installed packages.

Keep your system up-to-date

To keep your system up-to-date you should run

to update portage. And if you want to update your system you can run

This will update some of your system packages if newer version exists. To update your entire system you need to run

Dell Vostro V13 wireless support on Gentoo Linux

Dell Vostro V13

How to get your wireless network to work.

Step 1

Install ndiswrapper from emerge

Step 2

Get the drivers from dells homepage or just download them from

Step 3

Activate the drivers.

Your network should now work. It might appear as eth1 instead of wlan0/1 but it works just fine. If you are using Wicd as a manager just change the wireless interface to eth1 and it will work.

NOTE: You might need to modprobe wl to get the wireless to work. I have to do it. Then i added wl to autoload in /etc/modules.autoload.d/kernel-2.6 and just add wl to a new line.

Configure NTPd Gentoo Linux

To have your computer running the right time is crucial. This cannot be done by hand in a good way. But if you install NTPd you can sync your clock to a server and always know that your computer have the right time. First we need to install openntpd

To get this to start everytime we boot our computer we need to add it to startup.

Now we need to configure the servers behaviour. Edit the /etc/conf.d/ntpd so it looks like this

Now we need to setup what server we should sync against. You can look at the official list at to find a good server that fits your needs.

When you have found a server just add it to /etc/ntpd.conf

Netgear WG111v3 on Gentoo Linux

Install Netgear WG111v3 on Gentoo Linux

This guide tells how you can get the WG111v3 from Netgear to work on Gentoo. It will probobly work on other dists also.

First we need to install ndiswrapper, this can be done with using the package-system.

Next step is to fetch the drivers for the network card. You can get them from my own site using this url:

Now unpack the file and enter it’s directory.

Now we can install the drivers using ndiswrapper.

Now the wireless card should work. If it don’t work try to reboot your system and see if that helps.